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Hot Tub Accessories

Let us help you maintain your spa and keep your water crystal clear with our carefully hand picked brand of essential chemicals and filters. When used properly, these products will eliminate harmful bacteria, enhance the performance of your Spa and magnify the quality of your water. Treat yourself a little more with our extensive range of Hot Tub accessories designed to offer safety and comfort whilst you maximise your experience, with our safety rails, cover lifters, bars and more.




SmartDeck Trim Kit

DuraStep II


DuraStep II Deluxe

SmartStep Jr


Safe-T Rail


Safe-T Rail - Stainless Steel

CoverMate I Eco

SmartDeck Modular Expansion Kit

CoverMate I

CoverMate Easy

CoverMate III Eco

CoverMate II (with understyle bracket)

CoverMate I (with extended brackets)

CoverMate III

CoverMate III (with extended bracket)

SmartDeck with Trim

SPA Umbrella