A liquid cleaner used to remove scale and calcium accumulation in the pipelines of your Hot Tub.

Specially formulated to clean inside the plumbing system of your Hot Tub. Hot tub pipe-work can accumulate an amazing amount of unhygienic matter such as body oils, general grime and biofilm that build up over time. Use PureStyle Hot Tub Flush at every water change for a cleaner fresher system.
Cleans & freshens inside the hidden pipework of your Hot Tub.
Safely breaks down body fats, general grime and slime which can harbor and fuel the growth of harmful bacteria.
Contains antibacterial properties for a fresher more hygienic Hot Tub. Biodegradable.
Low foaming with a clean fresh fragrance.

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Dose directly into the Hot Tub skimmer basket with the pumps running for a period. Leave to settle for a minimum of 12 hours then drain down and refill Hot Tub with fresh water.

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It’s when you add a sanitiser like chlorine or bromine to the water. A sanitiser is a bacterial killer.

Water balance tells you something about the make up of the water. The most significant factors for balancing spa water are: - pH (adicity of the water) - Total alkalinity - Calcium hardness

The pH level is the scale that tells you how acidic or basic the water is.

In your hot tub it should be between 7,2-7,8

If you are happy with your current sanitizer then we advise to keep using it.

Chlorine will work fast and not give bacteria much time to settle en multiply.

Most types of chlorine have cyanuric acid as a stabiliser, this is to there to make chlorine dissipate (used up) slower when it is exposed to UV (sunlight).Because this cyanuric acid is NOT used up it builds up the level every time you add it which slows down the chlorine.When it chlorine slows down it can give bacteria a change to settle and multiply.

Chlorine will work faster than Bromine and is more commonly used because of this. Bromine will work on a wider pH range which is why some prefer it.

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A liquid cleaner used to remove scale and calcium accumulation in the pipelines of your Hot Tub.