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Make Life Easier and Your Hot Tub Last Longer with a Style Chemical Plan

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Hot Tub Safe to Use
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Cleaning Chemicals Included

1st ORDER (immediately):
2 x O-care packages (6 month supply) £159.90
2 x 1kg of Chlorine Tablets £41.90
3x 50 3-Way Test Strips £29.85
1x 1L Filter Cleaner £14.95
1x 1L Surface Cleaner £14.95
+ Free Delivery

Every 6-monthly ORDER:
2 x O-care packages (6 month supply) £159.90
4 Bottles of your choice £83.80
3x 3-Way Test Strips £29.85
+ Free Delivery

Total Yearly Worth - £535.10

• 1kg x Chlorine Tablets
• 1kg x PH Minus
• 1kg x PH Plus
• 1lt x Foam Away
• 1lt x Filter Cleaner
• 1lt x Surface Cleaner

You get your first 6-months chemicals pre-selected, then we will call you every 6-months, take an order and dispatch 4 x bottles of your choice + 3 packs of test strips via our chosen 24-hour courier.

For more information on the benefits of O-Care please view the main listing on our site.

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Due to variations in the standard of chemicals available in the marketplace and the fact that we are unable to determine the quality of non-Style products, it is a condition of all our warranties that only Style Spas products should be used in your Hot Tub. This condition serves to protect the safety of the Hot Tub as well as its users. The use of unauthorised chemicals in your Hot Tub will result in your warranty being void.

Your first six month supply of chemicals are preselected, then we will call you every six months, confirm your requirements and dispatch your goods via our chosen 24-hour courier.

You can upgrade your plan anytime by calling us and discussing your requirements. Your chemical supply will continue as normal and your added benefits and features will start from the date that your new payment value is collected.

O-Care will make water maintenance a lot easier but one product that does it all unfortunately does not exist. Water maintenance is a form of chemistry and balancing and sanitising water are two different things which depend on many factors.

It’s when you add a sanitiser like chlorine or bromine to the water. A sanitiser is a bacterial killer.

Chlorine will work fast and not give bacteria much time to settle and multiply

Chlorine will work faster than Bromine and is more commonly used because of this. Bromine will work on a wider pH range which is why some prefer it.

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